CIBSE Certification Lodgement Portal


Welcome to the brand new portal. Low carbon energy assessors can purchase credits, lodge energy certificates and complete audits all in one place.

New EPC Software versions

CIBSE Certification has been informed of an important update in the EPC software that will affect lodgements after the 9th of April 2019. The ability to create xml files and lodge Non-Domestic EPCs using SBEM version 5.4.b for England and Wales will be switched off

We advise our EPC assessors to update their software to the latest version at their earliest convenience

For i-SBEM users, the latest versions of i-SBEM for all regions are available at, the third-party software users should contact their software providers and ask for instructions on how to update their software packages to the latest version.

Lodge your Certificate

Fully qualified low carbon energy assessors can lodge energy certificates via the lodgement portal


The Scheme requirements are that Professional Indemnity (PII) and Public Liability (PLI) insurance must be kept up to date and copy certificates sent to your scheme provider or you will be suspended from the Scheme. You can check the insurance requirements in the SORs by clicking on this link . All PII and PLI certificates must be emailed to

Purchasing Lodgement Credits

To lodge a certificate you will first need to purchase lodgement credits which can be bought by you as an individual or as an organisation from the main CIBSE here for full details.

Landmark Disclaimer

Energy Assessors are informed that all third party data which the Register provides as part of the Services (including, but not limited to, Post Office Address File (PAF); Met Office Degree Days Data and CIBSE Benchmark Data) is supplied "as is" without any warranty as to its accuracy or completeness. Address related queries can only be resolved if they are raised with Landmark prior to their lodgement into the Register.

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